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Sinister invasion

This is a terror short story about a graduate party. PG-13 for violence, suspense and alcoholic drinks. 

          It was truth that I was in love with Honey. And by some miracle, it was truth that this tall, athletic and owner of deep green eyes was in love with me.
         We met at my sister's graduation party last year. I knew nothing about love so far. The party was already over, it was five o'clock in the morning and the band was gone. A DJ was playing house and funk from Rio de Janeiro to the survivors. I was one of the few sober people on the dancefloor.
         He approached me with a soda in his hand, seemed to be abstinent as well. He came close to be heard amid the deafening sound of the hall and asked if I would like to chat with him in the garden. Frightened by the proximity of a kid who probably wanted to kiss the fourteenth girl in the party, I said I couldn’t leave my sister alone, leaning my chin in the direction of a wheel of lively girls.
         Not convinced by the argument he replied: "Your sister doesn’t seem to be alone... Why don’t you warn her you’ll be in the garden and come back soon?"
         His eyes sank into mine, and I was compelled to accept his invitation. A little embarrassed, I nudged my sister and practically screamed in her ear: "I'll get a soda out there... I’ll be right back!"
         She simply nodded and continued jumping with other graduates.
          Discreetly, I headed toward the outer courtyard, where there was a bar and the noise was much lower. He followed me and, away from the gloom, we scan our faces for the first time. Then I got notice that his hair was really dark, being tousled by the morning breeze.
         A little lost, he asked if I wanted something to drink. I ordered a soda, and with the bottle in my hand, accompanied him to the garden. There was a bench curiously adorned by an array of bamboo arch with vines, where we sat.
         "My name is Honey, and yours?" He started.
          "Blueberry." I replied.
         He seemed nervous, smiled and lowered his eyes from time to time. My right hand rested on my lap and in one of these deviations, was captured by his violent stare.
         "Blue nails?" He asked.
         "Match the dress..." I replied.
         "And with your copper-colored hair..." He completed.
         My heart pounded. It was like I was frightened. And indeed I was. I did not know that feeling gripping inside my chest. It was like an internal explosion, I was almost breathless, his eyes still piercing me...
         I was so lost in these feelings that took a few seconds to realize the people screaming in a big flurry of panic. In a protective reflex, Honey put his left arm over my shoulder while trying to understand what was happening.
         The guests were running scared. A brunette in a ruined green dress, having also broken the silver heels. She had a silver wallet in her left hand, which fell on my feet in the moment of the fall.
         She took the wallet while Honey helped her get up.
          "What's happening?" Honey asked.
         The girl seemed uncontrolled. She cried and babbled incoherent words.
          "Monsters... Invasion... Fear..."
          Indifferent to our attempt of offering help, the brunette ran towards the gate like the rest of the crowd. I was still watching the confusion astonished, when Honey said: "Could it be a fire in the lounge?"
         At the moment I felt a chill in my spine. My sister was in there! I got up frightened and he immediately grabbed my hand. "Be calm, Blueberry. We’ll rescue your sister."
         We ran to the hall, against the flow. Honey grabbed my left wrist and didn’t let me go, despite the insane crowd pushing us.
         In the bar was already possible to see bodies strewn on the floor. They weren’t charred as we thought. Instead, they were covered by a yellowish green slime, gelatinous and translucent.
          Immediately, I panicked. I imgined my sister wrapped in some corner of the room and started shaking. I fell on my knees on the floor and screamed her name: "Sweet!"
         Honey knelt beside me and hugged me. "Stay calm, we will save Sweet..."
         "What if she is dead?" I shouted between sobs and tears.
         A latecomer waiter shouted at us: "The hall is locked out! The creatures are in there! Do not open! Run away!"
         No one was alive at the bar apart from us. Three security guards were lying in front of the locked door and I soon understood. People panicked and left the room locked up not worrying about the innocents who’d die in there. And my sister was there with her friends! I should go there immediately.
          Irrationally, I ran to the door and felt I was held by Honey. I tried to escape, but he held tightly.
         "These bodies are covered with bile." He said.
         I kept silently staring blankly.
         "This is an attack of fish-livers. They live in fresh water, they came from the lake, probably attracted by the crowd in the party. They went to the hall because there was more people there, but they came devouring the victims along the way. "
         "How do you know about this creature?" I asked.
         "My uncle caught one of those once. It came in the net. Creature incredibly ferocious and malignant. It can survive up to twelve hours out of water. Humans are their main source of nutrition."
         "How can we kill them?"
         "They don’t like alcohol. We can rub the drinks in our bodies to keep them away. But we’re risking our lives, for the only way to kill them is burning them with fire." He concluded seriously.
         Then we could kill them. But not without facing a great chance of dying in this process. The same alcohol that would protect us, would make us vulnerable to the flames that burn them.
          Although the risks were high, I couldn’t even consider to stay safe out there while my sister could be turned into bile at any time inside that room.
         I ran to the bar and turned down the first bottle of liquor I found all over my pretty blue dress. I took off my golden-heeled sandals and wet myself with vodka from the feet to the thighs. Then I spread the drink all over my arms, neck and lap.
         Honey joined me and took off the tie, keeping only the shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He took a bottle of whiskey and turned on its head letting it drip all over his body. He took off his shoes and socks and spread plenty of drink all over his feet.
         "We will get in cautiously. Once we find the survivors, we’ll bathe them in drinks. You go out with them and I fire the hall." Honey said as he picked up a lighter lost on the floor, a bottle of tequila, and his own tie soaked in alcohol. A fuse, I figured.
         He opened the door and stepped in before me. Soon I could smell death. Blood and bile were distorted by the colorful lights of the dancefloor. Piles of bodies in beautiful clothes were covering the floor.
         It didn’t take much effort to find the creatures. They were accumulated around a large circle of fire made by the survivors. My sister was inside it, terrified and screaming next to half a dozen people. Someone must have noticed that the fire kept the creatures away and made this circle.

Fortunately, there was an opening in the ceiling, since all windows were closed. Otherwise, everyone would have died asphyxiated.
          Around the fire, the fish-livers were jumping three feet high. They were trying hard to go through the flames, but the heat frightened them more than anything.
          Looking closely, I could understand why the creature was called fish liver. Each of them was shaped like a liver and had that sleek look on the skin. Its color was a yellowish-brown hue, as a mixture of bile and blood. The mouth had a wrinkled layer ivory resembling lymph nodes. It was incredibly disgusting.
         One of them was still ferociously devouring the remains of some bodies. It seemed to chew, leaving each point by which he was riding his mouth, dripping with bile. Avoided but lick the mouths of those who had been drinking. Thus, the corpses still retained deformed mouth and pieces of skin in which drops of liquor had drained by chance.
         As we got closer to the wheel of fire, the creatures saw us. They jumped at us, decided to attack. Sensing the imminent danger, I cried hugging Honey. He cradled my head on his chest as I closed my eyes. I waited for the bites, but nothing happened.
         I looked up and realized the monsters seemed to hit an invisible wall. I opened my eyes wide in awe.
          "Alcohol," Honey said.
          ”Sweet! I'm here! I'll save you!" I shouted, relieved by the effectiveness of the repellent.
          "Blueberry! We are scared to death here!" She said.
          "Throw the liquor all over your bodies and stay away from the fire!" Honey cried for survivors while throwing a bottle of tequila in the circle.
         I ran up the tables and picked up several bottles. It was sad to notice dead people resting their heads on the tables, the arms down. But I had to run to save the left survivors, and the only way to find the strength was ignoring the corpses covered with mucus.
         I threw a few bottles inside the wheel. Although they didn’t understand the reasons, they obeyed Honey. We waited until everyone was completely soaked with alcohol.
         "The creatures don’t like alcohol. They are not attacking us because we are covered with drinks too. Now that you are ready, we'll put out the fire so you can escape," Honey said.
         Honey took a jacket, that was resting in a chair and used to put out the fire circle. As the flames died, the fish-livers attacked the group. Some girls screamed, quieting down soon though, when they realised the invisible barrier keeping them safe.
         "Take the girls and wait outside while I fire the hall with the guys’ help." Honey said looking at my eyes.
          Although I didn’t say anything, he must have sensed the fear in my eyes, so he continued: "Don’t worry, we are protected by alcohol. We’ll be careful. We cannot let these monsters alive, for they’d hunt other humans."
         "Come on, girls. The boys will deal with the creatures." I told the girls. They hesitated, but came with me.
          Outside the room, I hugged my sister. She was crying a lot, she couldn’t even speak.
         A few minutes later, the boys got out of the room. The flames raged all around, the smoke had already begun to pollute the air, so we needed to run.
         Honey was the last to go out, and hugged me with relief. We ran toward the gate and heard a loud annoying noise. They were the groans of pain of the fish-livers. The smell that filled the air was horrible, bitter and repulsive. It seemed like vomit.
         We could only run from that nightmare as soon as possible. We could only find relief after we had passed the huge black gate entrance. The day was already dawning, the sky became blue and the sun promised a hot summer day.
         After this tragedy our lives came back to normal. I started dating Honey. Although we met in such a stormy moment, our relationship is very quiet.
         Now, almost one year later, I'm getting ready for my graduation party. Honey is in the living room waiting for me.
         Sweet doesn’t want to go and tried to convince me not to go too. She is very traumatized, I understand perfectly. It was a very intense experience for her.
         Honey convinced me of the importance of my prom. Although I also keep some trauma and fear, I recognize the need to fight this feeling as soon as possible. After all, there is no kind of curse imposing terror on graduations. And this is a really fun night. I hope.

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